Perfect unique name for your new cat


How to select the perfect unique name for your new cat?

Every cat owner knows that cats are not just pets but they are a part of the family. If you are a new owner of a cat then it is natural that you would like to give an appropriate name to your cat. There are many online website which provides best female cat names and best male cat names and you can go through these different websites to pick one for your new cat. These website will have many names and it may happen that you get confused and end up picking a name which is boring and common or a name which do not suit your cat at all. So, to avoid this you can keep in mind few things while picking from a long list of names.

Try to pick a short name

When select a boy cat name or a girl cat name to avoid naming something common you have to search online to find names which are unique but this does not mean that you select a name which is too long which will result in your cat not responding to it. Research has shown that cat responds to short name and they pick up on the names which end in “y” faster. So, while looking for a unique name from a list of best girl cat names or best boy cat names you have to make sure that the name is short.

Think about the future

To select the perfect name for your cat you have to make sure that the name will suit your kitten even when he or she will be a grown up. So, always think about the future when naming your cat. There are many books and websites which provides names which suits both a baby kitten and also an adult cat and all you have to do is pick from this list a name which suits your cat the best.

Research the meaning

To name their cat something unique and exciting, many people tends to give a foreign name which sounds beautiful but they do this without researching about the meaning. You should not do this as this can lead to embarrassment if the meaning turns out to be something which does not suit your cat. So, when selecting from a list of top girl cat exotic names or top boy cat names you must do an additional research to know the exact meaning of the name.

No award for rushing

The process of picking a name should not be rushed at all. You should take as much time as you want as only by a thorough searching and researching you can find the right name for your cat.

Picking the right name which seemed such a daunting task is actually a very easy thing only if you follow certain things. So, if you see to these things while selecting a name from a list of top male cat names or top female cat names then you will surely find a perfect unique name for you cuddly feline.